Tests and Final Exams

Tests in the Testing Center

Be aware that all tests in the Testing Center must be scheduled well ahead of time.  They have limits on how many tests they can run at one time.  It is best to give them your test dates at the beginning of the semester or even before to confirm that they can fit you in.

The Testing Center website is:  You can find contact information and hours there.

Tests must be brought with a bar code on each test that the departments get from the testing center. They also have form that must be filled out.  Tests must be brought in by noon the day before the test opens.


Final Exams

Every semester has designated final exam days.  Each class is scheduled for a certain time.  Those hours are part of the hours of classroom instruction for the semester and are an important part of the academic experience.  Please plan to use those hours, even if the test is administered in the Testing Center.

To request a test be administered in the Testing Center you will need to get permission from your dean before the Testing Center will schedule it.  Again, they have limited capacity and so priority for this space should be given to those for whom there is a a need for either the computers or the extended time that the Testing Center makes available.

The final exam schedule is on the website on the Registrar's Office page.