May 30 2017

Attending Jim, Marty, Brian, Michael, Jeff, Elaine



Survey Results

·         85% meeting needs, Should help the 15% that we are not

·         Welcoming and how to move to Hawaii group would help with that

o    Maybe HR and someone in Faculty area

·         Cost of living – Something that the housing committee cannot deal with

·         Expectations – Houses

o    Photos

·         Lots of development for 4 years. After 4 years things will start to get better.

·         Maintenance is where the biggest issues are

o    Can we get reduced contracts for some of the tenant maintenance…

§  Pest control

§  Other

·         Until we catch up… Next 4 years… They will be in leased and have to move. Focusing on the 4 bedrooms first

o    Will build some smaller ones in the future.

·         Non-campus/BYU housing check… Not for married…

Open house for duplexes…

·         For those on the lists and forced to move.


Next Meeting …. Cancel June 19th

·         July 17th will be our next meeting