May 22 2017 PC





1.       Helicopter Landing for PCC



PCC has approached us about wanting to allow a helicopter to land near the southeast end of campus bringing guests to the PCC. After reviewing liability issues, PC agreed to a pilot program with a few landings during July and August to assess whether it creates any problems for the University.


2.           Summary-Test Portable Lighting for Activities



PC considered a proposal to provide portable lighting for evening activities (free play sports) for students on the south end of the lawn between Kulanui Street and the parking lot. PC approved a trial during the next few weeks between 7 and 9 pm to assess interest and light/noise pollution to the local community.


     3.       Science and Math Building Update



Planning going well with the new building. PC approved the recommendation to pursue the plan for a three-story building.


4.       Dress and Grooming Standards

Discussion on dress and grooming standards focused on faculty/staff role in enforcement, whether changes should be considered, emphasis on principles. Discussion will continue. Possible venues for attention to this matter may include the fall Ohana meeting and the first fall devotional. Input from the student advisory council has already been solicited and received. It will be factored in future discussions and formulation of plans.

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