May 15 2017

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Items Notes

1. ENACTUS Presentation ENACTUS team shared their competition presentation.

2. FTE Request for HR (Clyde Robins) Replacement for Jacob Nihipali (HR) was requested. APPROVED

3. 2017-2018 Cost of Attendance (Attachment) Official estimate of the cost of attendance at BYUH was shared (to be posted).

4. Colonia Juarez and Hukilau Scholarship Proposal to extend Hukilau Scholarship opportunity to students from the LDS high school in Colonia Juarez was considered. Formal proposal requested from Admissions.

5. Missionaries With Norm’s departure, missionary requests will now go through Elder Dee (

6. Res. Life (Programming, Apt. Style – full) New program was announced for Residential Life. Students will receive “RESBUCKS” as rewards for clean apartments. RESBUCKS can be redeemed for popular household sundries that students need.

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