4/24/17 PC



1.      Gymnasium Paint Job


FM will be painting the CAC as soon as funding is available. Color scheme was discussed. The brown on the air conditioning vents will be replaced with the same color as the walls to make the building more attractive.


2.      ¾ for part time



PC had a lengthy discussion on the current policy to eliminate 3/4 – time positions (30-30-30-29). There have been many exception requests. Will decide during the remainder of budget discussions rather to allow these positions (subject to approval) as policy rather than exception.


3.      Philippines Return Rates


Student return rates to the Philippines are lower than many other places in our target area, even though internships and jobs are available. President Tanner and John Bell will meet with the Philippines Area Presidency to discuss the matter and seek a healthy solution.


4.      Training



All employees need to be trained annually in Title IX/EEO/harassment prevention, FERPA, Clery, HIPPA, and Section 504. This will be provided online via Workday. We will try to use materials developed by other CES schools rather than invent our own.


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