4/10/17 PC

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1.      Master Plan


Bob Tippets presented recommendations from consulting firm.


2.      FTE Reallocation



All staff and admin replacements will now be considered by PC and weighed against other needs on campus prior to posting.


3.      Guiding Principles for External Use of Facilities



We need to create a plan for determining what outside entities will and will not be permitted to use BYU-H facilities.


4.      Mail Center Proposal

(Attachment D)


Mail Center renovation for better usage and increased demand due to internet orders by the students was approved.


5.      Married Student Residence Policy

(Attachment E)


This is a policy for TVA housing. The idea of expanding the policy to off-campus housing was introduced, briefly discussed, and rejected.


6.      Periodic Expanded President’s Council



President’s Council meeting will be expanded periodically (about three times per year) to include other entities on campus. Faculty will be represented by an attendee from the Faculty Advisory Council.


7.      Q2 EIS OPPM

(Attachment F)


Quarterly report of IT projects on campus.


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