4/5/17 PC

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        Personal Response: JDB


Prayer: DHW


1.      Building of the Cafeteria (10 min presentation)



Two possible sites for proposed replacement of cafeteria were considered: adjacent to current cafeteria or replacing the President’s house. Architects will work up both possibilities and bring back to PC for further consideration.


2.      Freshman Academy



Early stages of concept development for a possible year-long program to help new students matriculate was presented. Debbie will work with committee of people from Student Development and from

Academics to flesh out the proposal.


3.      McKay Lecture



Logistical challenges associated with the McKay Lecture during a devotional time slot were discussed. FAC chair has a plan to make this easier for next year. We will try again next year and see if we like the lecture during a devotional time.


4.      2017 Convocation

Approved date for September 28 (Thursday). Approved speaker (to be announced)


5.      2017 HAICU

Approved May 26 (Friday). Approved format (break-out sessions on topics of Title IX, General Education, Faculty Development)


6.      Pathway Worldwide as Preparation for BYU-Hawaii



Concept in attached handout approved.

7.      Presentation to ‘Ohana Meeting on Thursday



Concept for tomorrow’s presentation approved: Construction update, Accreditation update, spiritual though.


8.      Residence Hall Room & Board Rates



Attached rates approved, subject to review next year. Proposal to require all freshmen to have a meal plan was declined.

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