3/13/17 PC

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Week of 3/13/17 President’s Council Topics

      ·        AC-21 Discussion: AC-21 is a form that needs to be completed for things which are approved in concept but need to be approved by the brethren. The following AC-21 were discussed:

Ø  Architectural & Engineering (planning phase) for the new College of Math and Science building.

Ø  Architectural & Engineering (planning phase) for the new cafeteria.

Ø  Architectural & Engineering (planning phase) for the racket ball area to become IT.

      ·        Approval for the fixing of student housing (particularly married student housing).

      ·        Master plan for campus activities (facility needs) including intramural sports. David Porter is involved in the development of this plan.

      ·        The campus planning people will be housed in on-campus facilities.

      ·        Music is often a part of post-graduation activities outside the CAC. The idea of having a formally assigned group to provide music was discussed but it was decided to leave things the way they are.

      ·        We are trying to find scholarship money for students who would like to attend Holomua but cannot afford it.

      ·        President Tanner is going to have regular lunches with small groups of people. The purpose is to get to know the employees at BYUH.

      ·        Topics for the next meeting between President Tanner and the on-campus Stake Presidents were discussed.

      ·        Continued discussion on Title IX.

      ·        Results of the accreditation visit were discussed.

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