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Week of 3/6/17 President’s Council Topics

·        Selection of devotional speakers.

·        Rental rates for students:

Ø  Essentially, the more students housed in an on campus “apartment” the less the rent. In other words, students will have the option of on-campus rental options at different costs to the student.

·        To help with communication, weekly meetings between VP Academics and the FAC Chair was approved.

·        Retirees at the annual faculty and staff dinner: Even if a faculty or staff submits paperwork for retirement, the individual can legally renege at a later date (before they actually retire). The law states that companies cannot “encourage” faculty to retire even if they submitted paperwork to do so. As a result BYUH cannot announce the retirement of individuals who have not actually retired. Thus, at annual faculty and staff dinner, people who plan to retire will be asked to voluntarily come forward.

·        Third-year-trip policy has changed (See pages 2 & 3). The money for those who have a third-year-trip will be disbursed in January. The disbursement will not be automatic. Faculty must apply through HR. If a faculty member receives money and leaves the university that year the individual will be expected to pay back the funds received.

Ø  Third-year-trip funds cannot be received that same year one retires (and receives money to move). If someone gets money for a third-year-trip and they leave the university the same year, the money received for the third-year-trip will be deducted from the money for moving.


·        There was two hours of training on Title IX, Title I, etc. 

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