Support for Learning and Teaching

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Struggling Students

After I have reached out to a student who is failing, not coming to class, or having personal struggles what other offices are available to help them?  How do I let them know about the student's situation? (Early Alert?) (Center for Academic Success and the Counseling Center)

What are things I can do to best help students who are struggling? (External Link - also consult the Center for Learning and Teaching)

I have a student who has plagiarized or cheated.  What are the standards? (Office of Honor)

How do I report plagiarism or cheating? log on to mybyuh and click on the Instructor tab and then fill in the online Honor Code Violation Form

Enhancing Learning

What is the learning framework? (Center for Learning and Teaching)

How can I get support to improve learning and teaching in my classroom? (Center for Learning and Teaching)

If I want to go on a field trip with my class, where to I find the permission form and when does it need to be turned in?   (The completed form must be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Academics at least 2 weeks before the trip.)