Eligibility and Prioritizing

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UHAC/Subcommittee Notes: Housing eligibility and prioritizing                                                                (Marty Countryman and Elaine McArthur)

Some questions considered:

What are the issues relating to housing eligibility and prioritizing that we might address?


What is the housing priority policy?  How does the ‘system’ work?

Information and guidelines are in the faculty housing handbook

date of hire and size of family are taken into consideration and corresponding assignments made; sometimes a new hire will have a couple of options; arrival date can affect options –as can other factors (sometimes beyond housing’s control—such as timing of other faculty departing/moving laterally etc.)


To be understood:

--there are special circumstances priorities (illness, closer to campus, special needs)

--Emergencies – special circumstances –some confidential

--some she gets special approval from the President/President’s Council

Other issues:

  Understand Terminology:  Assignments vs Lateral Transfers


--An assignment is made upon initial hire.

--There are 2  kinds of lateral transfers –

1) If the university needs you to move  (note: University will pay for the move) 

2) Upgrade or Downsize….you request  (for a bigger or smaller home )more/less kids

--You call and you put yourself on the transfer list. 

If you are in sub-leased home in the community you are automatically on the transfer list.

Em maintains a list of people waiting for each of the following: 2,3,4,5 bedrooms homes.


Our take:

--Em is doing the best she can with often very limited or at time nonexistent options

(What are her recommendations to make things run smoother?)


What are the concerns/issues that we might address /make recommendations on?

--the seeming arbitrariness of maintenance and upgrade

--there is a schedule for maintenance but difficulties of timing with individual families

--how people are informed (they come/interview—get a housing orientation—this certainly will help individuals make informed decisions)

Some Subcommittee Recommendations:

We can encourage

--improved communication to both new and current faculty

    (effective university housing web page; handbook distribution; orientation for new faculty)

-- a process that is as fair and proactive/problem-solving as possible (discerning prevalent issues)

-- clear information regarding rent or buy options

--that faculty have a (some) choice (and understand their choices)

-- a culture of care and maintenance (among renters/owners)—in a positive supportive way (how to workshops)

--adequate housing/maintenance staff (sense is workers are spread too thin)

--reducing inventory of ‘hot houses’

--resolving of housing heat issues

--sensitive policy to housing community ‘noise’ issues

--effective adjustments to recycling program for on campus housing

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