CFS and Rank Advancement

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Current CFS and Rank Advancement Policy-Fall 2016 (this policy will apply for all who are applying for rank advancement)

For sample portfolios, contact colleagues in your department or across campus

Third-year/Sixth-year Review Timetable


Policy for those hired before 2016 who opt to stay on the pre-2016 model (to apply for CFS before rank advancement)

Changes in process from the pre-2016 document that are now in effect:

  • There will be a department review committee as a step in the process in addition to the letters by the chair and the dean.
  • External and internal letters for the file will be solicited by the department chair (with suggestions from the candidate) rather than directly by the candidate. 
  • The steps of notification to the candidate during the review in the new policy will apply.
  • Even if CFS is granted later than the usual time, the three-year wait after CFS is not binding and a faculty member may still apply for rank advancement after six years from the time of hire.
  • The appeals process of the new policy is available to all on the old policy.