9/7/16 Minutes

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September 7, 2016, 3:30pm


1.       Meeting details

a         Where: library conference room

b        Who attended: Carol, Chiung, Kali, Joel, Justin, D. Scott, D. Sharp, Troy, David

c         Next meeting: Wednesday, September 21


2.       Committee minutes/website

a         Technology group working to get this in place. Not expected to happen quickly.

b        The 7 Councils/Committees which will make minutes available will be as follows:

i           Academic Council

ii         Faculty Advisory Council

iii        Curriculum Council

iv       Evaluation of Learning and Effectiveness Group

v         Housing Advisory Committee

vi       General Education Committee

vii      Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Committee


3.       Faculty Scholarship Day


a         Proposal it be held the same day as Empower Your Dreams

i           Concern there would be a number of conflicting events

b        Suggestion it be part of the Faculty Forum, taking the place of one of the presentations

i           Concern that 1 hour is not long enough to make it an effective event

c         Discussion related to the purpose of this event

i           Posters, papers, etc. that other teachers/students can browse


ii         Discussion with professors about their research

d        Table this discussion for next meeting


4.       Faculty Forum

a         Proposed flyer for the event

i           Members wrote their suggestions on the flyer, left to Dan’s discretion

b        Budget for printing

i           Dan S. will follow up with Irene to determine if there is a budget


5.       Library “Faculty Publications” section

a         Have a section in the library which houses all publications by our teachers

b        General rule is the library will purchase publications if they have been published but will not if the publication was self-published


6.       Thursday 11:00 hour discussion

a         The big question: why are classes being held at 11:00 versus another time

b        Noted that Willis Center would be willing to allow students to attend the entrepreneurship lecture series or the FAC forum on those Thursdays

c         Proposal: Joel go to John Bell and suggest one of the following

i           1. Move all classes out of the 11:00 Thursday hour

ii         2. Identify other topics/activities which would be considered exceptional and thus would get an exception to the 11:00 no class policy

d        Table this discussion for next meeting


7.       Academic Advisement Center

a         At the direction of administration (John Bell or Debbie Hippolite) all academic advisors will be centralized in 3 ways

i           Geographically: they will take the place of the counseling center

ii         Advisors: advisors will all be housed in the same location

iii        Generic counseling: all counselors will have ability to advise all students

b        Understanding that this decision driven by director of the advisors, although input was received from other advisors and deans


c         FAC requested a clarification on the generic counseling piece. Most concerned with this above the other items.



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