9/23/16 Agenda

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Testing Center Task Force Agenda                                                                                                           09-23-2016

Attendance: Josh Smith, Yifen Beus, Andre Hippolite, Jeff Strain, Candice Tupou, Chris Wright, Kurt Johnson, Michelle Fuluvaka, Rose Ram

Excused: Cary Countryman, Scott Hyde

Prayer: Josh Smith


1.       Review Faculty Survey on Testing on Campus—Reported by Andre Hippolite and Jeff Strain

2.       Report Briefly on New SCOUT demo

Assignments: Contact the following departments to take the faculty survey—Psychology, ICS, Library, Willes Center, Music & Visual Arts, McKay Center


Next Meeting will be Friday, Oct. 7, 2016

Agenda items will be:

Exam Stat report by Josh Smith


Review of Student testing Practices Survey—Reported by Andre Hippolite and Jeff Strain

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