9/2/16 Agenda

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Testing Center Task Force Agenda

Present: Yifen Beus, Scott Hyde, Cary Countryman, Josh Smith, Kurt Johnson, Andre Hippolite, Jeff Strain, Candice Tupou, Chris Wright, Rose Ram, Michelle Fuluvaka

Prayer: Jeff Strain

Agenda items:

Testing Survey

Testing Center Stats—Chris Wright

Videos of products—Chris Wright


Next week’s agenda:

Does Canvas allow us to do bubble sheets?

Data on tracking length of time students take in an exam—both from Canvas and Testing Center

Jeff to prep the shopping list

Provide framework for the proposal (ask John Bell)--Rose

Call Tom Mallory about Exam Stats-like product in their LMS--Chris

Follow-up if faculty members found a product that does exam analytics like exam stat—Cary Countryman

For meeting on Sept. 16 (Friday)—Josh is going to demo Canvas and Exam stat capabilities

Check on GoReact app from BYU—for languages testing and presentation — Yifen Beus

Live Demo—Chris Wright

Plug-in stats in Canvas—Michelle Fuluvaka

Josh and Candice to get look at exam stat analytics to prep for demo on September 16

Can Remark sw be distributed down to the department level?; Does the scanner have to be Remark specified?—Chris Wright

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