9/21/16 Minutes

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September 21, 2016, 3:30pm


1.       Meeting details

a         Where: library conference room

b        Who attended: Carol, Chiung, Kali, Joel, Justin, D. Scott, D. Sharp, Troy, David

c         Next meeting: Wednesday, October 5


2.       FAC Forum

a         Confirmation that Dan would be presenting on the 22nd, need to get the word out to teachers and students


3.       Student laptop initiative

a         John Bell requested feedback from FAC to the initiative

i           Specifically, should we require everyone to have a computer

b        Discussion:

i           Suggestion that we push it to the lowest level, meaning individual classes

·         Strongly encourage all to have some internet device

·         Determination for the requirement made by department or class

ii         Too expensive for the students to be required to have computers

iii        Suggestion the library could fill the gap for those that don’t have computers.

·         Library is having budget restrictions where it may not be feasible to lean on the library to fill the gap for those without computers

c         Joel will report on the discussion to John Bell in next meeting


4.       Publishing Committee minutes

a         Joel followed up with those working on the website where committee minutes will be uploaded.

i           Still progressing but no specific date for completion


5.       FAC minutes:

a         FAC agreed to the following

i           Secretary will email minutes to FAC members after each meeting

ii         FAC will respond to correct any errors or misunderstandings in minutes

iii        Minutes will be approved in the next meeting

iv       Approved minutes will be made public


6.       FAC email discussion between FAC meetings

a         Encourage these to continue

b        General rule that no votes will be held through email. The final discussion and voting will be completed in the meeting


7.       FAC Forum:

a         Academic Council Report

i           Academic council would approve the forum being the 2nd or 4th Thursday

ii         Deans do want to keep control of one forum a semester

b        Discussion: How often should we be having a forum?

i           Need to have an academic discussion on campus every month

ii         Want to create an environment and appreciation for learning on the campus

iii        Have something monthly, which could include the deans choice, convocation, or the David O. McKay lecture

c         Note: professors do not have to be approved by the board to give a campus wide forum.

i           Approval from the board is required when bringing someone from off campus


8.       Faculty Scholarship Day

a         Continue to pursue providing a spot in the library where all faculty research can be displayed

i           Suggestion that each teacher have their own spot to encourage research

b        General consensus to get the faculty forums consistent and then, once we are getting good participation, introduce the faculty scholarship day


9.        Communication

a         John Bell has requested a discussion related to better communication on campus

b        Discussion

i           Making minutes to meeting public

ii         Making a Canvas page available so teachers can comment on campus issues

iii        More faculty meetings

·         Make these meetings about getting important information to faculty

·         Use brown bag meetings to get feedback and provide a venue for discussions about the issues

·         Do need to have some Q&A time

iv       Streamline organizational structure to facilitate better communication

·         Organization of colleges

·         Provost with departments, no deans

·         Better faculty governance

v         Empower FAC to be the voice of the faculty

c         Concern: there are major issues on campus but little is done to get this information to the faculty or to get real feedback

i           Example – Housing Department: administration knows there are problems but little has been done to educate faculty or to get feedback from faculty

·         Faculty very willing to be flexible, but want to be informed and part of the decision

·         Give faculty the problem and let them come together to propose solutions

d        Joel will give a report to John on the initial ideas.


e        FAC will continue to discuss how to resolve this issue


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