9/16/16 Agenda

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Testing Center Task Force                                                                              09-16-2016

Present: Yifen Beus, Andre Hippolite, Kurt Johnson, Chris Wright, Candice Tupou, Jeff Strain, Michelle Fuluvaka, Scott Hyde, Cary Countryman, Kurt Johnson, Rose Ram

Agenda Items:



Josh Smith—postponed until Oct. 7

If time permits:

Review the results of the survey

Report on new SCOUT and Exam Stat

Sample Proposal Outline:

Innovation Proposal name:


Submitted by: Testing Center Task Force

(Yifen Beus, Scott Hyde, Cary Countryman, Andre Hippolite, Kurt Johnson, Josh Smith, Michelle Fuluvaka, Jeff Strain, Candice Tupou, Chris Wright, Rose Ram)


Data collection

Survey Results/findings

Products reviewed

Recommendations—With each recommendation include the following:


Budget implications

Indicate person/group/office responsible to oversee the fruition of the recommendation


Timeline for Roll-out on innovation

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