9/12/16 Minutes

Curriculum Council

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Attendees: Jennifer Lane, Russell Carlson, Mark James, Boyd Timothy, Brian Houghton, Hiagi Wesley, Amelia Mauafu 

Prayer: Mark James

16-16: HTM Major & Minor Revisions Proposal

  • Adding an elective course to the core – “Destination Management & Marketing” because they feel that it is a very important course for the Hospitality Tourism & Management background.
  • They are also adding electives from other areas: EXS 350, 370 and PAIS 105 and 300 because these are classes that mix well within the HTM field. They have already spoken to and received approval from EXS and PAIS departments.
  • Minor – They used to require an internship but now they are making that an elective and making the minor more available to more students of different areas to be able to take the minor. Making the internship an elective will also allow students to choose for themselves to receive that extra practicum experience in the Courtyard Marriott. 
  • Have they looked at whether making the elective a required course – did they do their due diligence and process of making this decision rather than just doing because they have some space before hitting the 62 credits cap.
    • They did have an in depth discussion regarding the change and probably looked at other HTM curriculum and wanted to make the core stronger.
    • Did they think about reducing the number of electives from 12 required to 9 required since they are making 2 elective course part of the core?
    • Making HTM 270 required but only offering it Fall and Spring – does this make it less restrictive for students to take it? Not necessarily because the other core courses are offered FWS and 2 other classes are offered FW.
    • Brian will take the feedback of the elective credit amount back to David Preece.
  • Vote: 5 for 5 to approve this proposal


16-17 CHIN/JPN 202 Credit Change Proposal


  • Changing CHIN 202 and JPN 202 from 3 credit hours to 4 credit hours
    • Justification is the mastering of the Kanji system.
  • This change will impact the Asian Studies minor which will move from 18 total credits to 19 total credits.
    • Other changes to the Asian Studies minor – removing courses that are not being taught or are being phased out: BUSM 433, HIST 384, IDS 317, HIST 485.
    • Change CHIN 202 and JPN 202 on the Asian Studies Minor to 4 credits.
  • Feedback – Separate the credit change and Asian Studies Minor changes into separate proposals.
  • Vote: 5 for 5 to approve this proposal

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