8/24/16 Minutes

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Faculty Advisory Council Meeting

Fall 2016 Semester


August 24, 2016, 3:30pm


1.       Meeting details

a         Where: library conference room

b        Who attended: Carol, Chiung, Kali, Joel, D. Scott, D. Sharp, Troy, David

c         Next meeting: Wednesday, September 7

d        Topics for next meeting:

i           Agenda items not covered:

·         Housing

·         Pay

ii         New agenda items:

·         Communication between teachers (Kali)


2.       Publishing of Committee minutes – Joel Report

a         Joel met with academic council and they agreed all minutes from departments previously approved will provide meeting minutes to FAC

i           Committee chairs will email Joel the minutes

b        Discussion: where to house the minutes?

i           D. Scott: make it available in Canvas so teachers can comment

ii         Joel: housing committee meeting minutes will be published in two spots. Could we do the same.

c         TO-DO: Joel will work on a process to get the minutes up on the BYU-H website and availability in Canvas to make comments.


3.       FAC Grant:

a         Colby Weeks reached out to Joel asking how the grant can be obtained. Joel suggested Colby write up a proposal and submit it the FAC

b        Grant Overview:

i           School has allocated as much as $3,000 a semester that can be used to provide grants to teachers for professional development

c         D. Scott suggested we require a report from the recipient, for accountability

i           Arron Curtis was the last to receive a grant.

ii         TO-DO: Joel will reach out to Aaron so he can provide a report


4.       Celebration of Scholarship (suggested by Joel)

a         Faculty come together for a day to “show case” scholarly work

b        Suggestions

i           Aloha center ballroom

·         Have displays in the room throughout the day

·         Have one hour where 5 individuals make 10-minute presentations

ii         Five individuals present and then take those people to lunch

iii        Faculty post scholarly work to a Canvas page and then teachers and FAC vote on which presentations they would be most interested in

iv       Needs to have an online presence so teachers could review scholarly work online as well

v         Use this as an opportunity for teachers to model how the work is to be done, this in preparation for Empower your dreams day activities

c         Concerns

i           Some teachers will feel like this puts focus on achievements of teachers versus teaching of the students

·         Suggestion to have the event be student focused


5.       Faculty Forum – D. Sharp report:

a         Forum is to be held the 4th Thursday of each month

b        Reserved the McKay auditorium for September 22

c         The entrepreneurship lecture series is in conflict. This event will not be cancelled or combined with the faculty forum.

d        Suggested that speaker be Pamela Martinez, entrepreneur in residence at the Willis center

i           FAC agreed on Pamela to be the first speaker.

ii         Although not specific topic will be given, encourage to speak about entrepreneurship 


6.       John Bell questions and report, as part of Joel’s meeting with John

a         Empower your dreams: why can’t this be moved to a Saturday so no classes are missed?

b        Thursday lecture series: nothing should be scheduled during this 1-hour block, why is there a lecture series?



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September 7, 2016, 3:30pm