8/22/16 Minutes

Curriculum Council

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Attendees: Brian Houghton, Russel Carlson, Hiagi Wesley, Boyd Timothy, Jennifer Lane, Amelia Mauafu

Excused: Mark James 

Prayer: Russel Carlson

POSC Curriculum Overhaul

  • Purpose of proposal is to cater to the students and where they are going and also catering to the population of students and where they are coming from (International). Looking at pulling back some of the U.S. based classes in the future (1-2 years down the road).
  • Key changes:
    • Major is being bumped up to 45 credits.
    • They have implemented their own GE 110 (POSC 190) – POSC 190 would be the exact same class as GE 110. As of right now POSC department faculty members teach about 9 sections of GE 110, however, they would like to make POSC 190 an equivalent of GE 110. This will need to go to the GE committee.
      • A discussion needs to occur later between Mike Murdock and Russel Carlson to make POSC 190 equivalent to GE 110 and have the POSC majors take that option instead of GE 110.
      • Cross-listed with GE 110 and saving seats for POSC and GE. POSC faculty will still teach GE 110 and POSC 190.
    • POSC 220 – History of power and how things operate.
    • POSC 304 was changed to a 300-level course from a 200-level course and some students procrastinate it until Junior-Senior level.
    • Other changes include title changes and combining classes etc.
  • Vote: 4 out of 4 in favor of passing this proposal

Question: Does the Council want to see proposals for classes changing course numbers within lower-level or upper-level (100-200 levels and 300-400 levels)?

  • The decision was made to not change the language of the directive given to the Curriculum Council. The Council will wait until people contact them.
  • If a change in course number only has an impact on the college than the council is happy to leave it with the college and just get the dean’s approval for an EZ form.
  • If a change in course number does impact another college then they should do a proposal so there can be collaboration and coordination between colleges. 

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