8/10/16 Minutes

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FAC meeting notes for Aug 10th 2016:

Those in attendance included: 

Chiung Chen, Daniel Scott, Justin Marshall, Daniel Sharp, David Waite, Carol Bennett, Troy Smith, and Joel Helms


Meeting discussions:

Purpose of FAC keeping and making notes available

Why should committee minutes be open?

·        Faculty are stakeholders and should know about decisions that affect them.

·        More minds bringing ideas to the table

·        Transparency for all the committees.

·        There should be a clearinghouse for Information

·        Build inspirational memory

·        BYU-H community can be informed of committee decisions in a timely manner

·        Accountability


FAC discussed the questions:

·        Should there be a way for the faculty to respond or discuss the meeting minutes to provide a way to solicit input or is this just to provide info?

·        Should the meeting minutes be summarized or should all of the minutes be available?

·        How should the information be structured and where should it reside?


Voting Vice Chair and Secretary:

·        Chiung Chen is the Vice Chair

·        David Waite is the new Secretary


·        Dan sharp is the Forum Lead and Carol Bennett is the assistant Forum Lead

·        Justin Marshall is the Committee Lead

More assignments coming

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