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Notes March 28, 2016 UHAC


  • Opening prayer by Brian
  • Ten minutes discussing vision and inspiration from review of talks by President McKay and President Tanner’s talks to give us vision. Gratitude should be the position we operate from. Gratitude for all of our homes and places to live. “Equal privilege” is an idea that stood out to some. A need to create and cultivate something that is beautiful to those living here and those studying. A coordinated effort between HRI, the Temple and BYUH may be in need. What is coordination supposed to look like?
  •  University owns 2600 acres, but the majority of it is not permitted for building. The part that is allowed to be built on cannot be done until the flooding issue is resolved. HRI is continuing to work to get the flooding issue resolved by widening the stream where the water runs out.
  • Return to housing priority issues.
  • the idea is that, within a given school year, all requests made for moves are prioritized First on type of move:
  1. New Hires or people not in University housing are given top priority (also in this category are people moving because their University house is being torn down to build a new duplex).
  2. People who need to move because their needs have changed (they have had a new baby, or someone has move out--so they are downsizing or upgrading)
  3. People making lateral moves, are the lowest priority.


Thus, anyone making a request for a lateral move during the 2016 school year are a lower priority than anyone requesting to move during 2016 because they need an upgrade--regardless of seniority or when the request was made. 


Now, how to decide between two people who want to make a lateral move? They have the same priority level based on type of move. If both requests are made during 2016 school year (even if one is made in August and the other in December), they are prioritized based on hire date. That is what is meant by "requests made for moves within a given school year are prioritized based on seniority [meaning hire date]." That sentence only means people who have the same type of move request--like two lateral moves, or two upgrade moves. That is how someone decides between those two--hire date.


But, if someone requests a lateral move during the 2016 school year, and someone else requests a lateral move during the 2017 school year. Regardless of seniority--the person requesting in 2016 gets priority. That is what is meant by " All request made within a given school year are prioritized over later requests.”  

  • Decision made to send current proposal to the “stake holders” to get feedback prior to a vote on the issue next Monday. Using Canvas page and e-mail.
  • Rental Agreement Questions:
  • Some changes are discussed.

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