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October 5, 2016


1.       Meeting details

a         Where: library conference room

b        Who attended: Carol, Chiung, Joel, Justin, D. Scott, D. Sharp, Troy, David

c         Next meeting: Wednesday, October 19


2.       Meeting Minutes

a         Prior meeting minutes approved by those in attendance


3.       FAC Innovation Grant

a         Received and reviewed $2,500 grant request from Colby Weeks

b        David Bybee’s office has agreed to fund the grant amount

i           NOTE: this will be the last grant funded by David’s office due to budget cuts

c         Discussion

i           Precedence for FAC grants have been ½ this amount

ii         May be restrictions on purchasing a computer without going through university approved process

iii        Idea seems good, but due to the cost this will be difficult to bring into the classroom

d        Vote to choose best 2 of 3 options

i           Request additional information from Colby

ii         Fund grant request at $1,250

iii        Fund grand request at $2,500

·         i and ii were chosen as top two choices

e        Vote to choose between two options

i           Request additional information from Colby

ii         Fund grant request at $1,250

·         ii was chosen – Fund grant request at $1,250

f          TO-DO – Joel

i           Inform Colby the FAC has approved a grant of $1,250

·         This is the range we usually give

·         Suggest going to department or college for additional funds


4.       FAC Schedule for Winter semester

a         TO-DO - Justin

                                                               i.      Send out DOODLE before next FAC meeting so FAC can finalize winter semester meeting time


5.       Committee Minutes Webpage

a         Webpage people are still working on the project (Joel is assisting in the coding)

b        Joel brought up page for FAC to view, no concerns voiced


6.       General faculty meetings:

a         Joel reported that John is planning one of these each semester


7.       Academic Council, meeting next Tuesday

a         TO-DO – Joel

i           Propose the FAC to move forums from the 4th Thursday to the 2nd Thursday

ii         Propose there be a faculty forum each month with the deans taking the month of their choice and the FAC filling in the other months

·         Specific to the Winter semester, request the deans choose from the following

o   November:

§  1st Thursday is break between semesters

§  4th Thursday is Thanksgiving break

o   December:

§  4th and 5th Thursdays are Christmas break

o   January:

§  All Thursday’s available

o   February:

§  David O. McKay lecture series on Feb 14th


8.       FAC Forum

a         Dr. Hong’s flyer approved

b        Noted a very good turnout for the first FAC forum

i           Suggested a short survey before next FAC forum to determine how people are learning about the forum so it can be duplicated

c         TO-DO – Joel

i           The following questions will be asked at the beginning of next Thursday’s FAC forum:

·         By raise of hand, how did you learn about today’s forum?

o   Flyer?

o   Email?

o   Friend or colleague?

·         By raise of hand, what reminded you to come to the forum?

o   Schedule?

o   Flyer?

o   Email?

o   Friend or colleague?


9.       Housing

a         Joel reported that although this falls under Norm Black, he is willing to meet with anyone that has questions or concerns.

b        Discussion

i           This is a big enough issue that the faculty needs more information about what is going on and how the whole thing is being handled

c         TO-DO – Joel

i           Discussion with John with the following specific questions:

·         What would it take to get a new director of housing?

·         What do we do as faculty to get change when it comes to housing? What buttons do we push?

o   And other similar situations?

·         Are the problems in housing due to incompetence or corruption?

·         Ultimately, even when a decision is top down, we want to be able to weigh in and be heard so our concerns can at least be noted.


10.   Friday discussion with John Bell

a         TO-DO – Joel

i           Interested to know whether there are budget issues coming up in the near future. This question as a result of

·         Scholarships are being cut

·         Innovation grant being cut



a         John has requested additional feedback on how we can get better communication

b        Discussion

i           What is the purpose of the communication to be improved?

·         Basic information about decisions being made on campus

·         Allow teachers to weigh in on decision being considered and being made

·         Better understanding of student concerns

·         Better communication between faculty

ii         Potential of departments with no deans

·         Concern the additional work this would add to VP

·         Benefit and disadvantage of more power being given to the department chair

·         Advantage of deans is VP has an audience to bounce ideas off of

iii        Suggestion that communication would improve greatly if processes already approved were being followed

·         Meeting minutes made public

·         Faculty meeting

·         Deans passing information to colleges

iv       Suggested solutions

·         Smaller not larger departments allowing more creativity in departments

·         Colleges based on number of students which may provide more equality between colleges

·         Decentralization of organization, pushing power to the departments

c         To-Do – Joel

i           Joel report back to John Bell

·         FAC will continue to have this discussion

·         Better communication will lead toward a Zion University

·         The result will be that all will take their stewardship more seriously

o   Will encourage faculty to improve teaching

o   Will encourage staff to improve in their responsibilities  

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