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October 19, 2016


1.       Meeting details

a         Where: library conference room

b        Who attended: Chiung, Kali, Joel, Justin, D. Sharp, Troy, David

c         Next meeting: Thursday, November 17, 3:30

d        Topics and To-Do for next meeting:

i           Agenda items:

·         David O. McKay Lecture Series assignments

ii         All FAC Members (related to 5. below):

·         Name of colleague who would be willing to present at FAC forum

iii        Dan Sharp

·         Find faculty to present at December 8 FAC forum

iv       Justin (related to 6. below):

·         Meet with library and report on how/where to faculty scholarship display into library


2.       Meeting Minutes

a         Prior meeting minutes approved by those in attendance who were also present at the past meeting


3.         Winter Semester FAC Meeting Time

a         Available times: Monday 4:00, Tuesday 4:00, Thursday 3:30

b        Vote to choose between 3 options

i           Voted to meet Thursday at 3:30


4.       Committee Minutes Webpage update:

a         The webpage is ready to go, just finalizing login security


5.       FAC Forums

a         Joel Report

i           FAC has been approved to move forums to 2nd Thursday

ii         There will be a culture of learning event each month. The deans will choose one month and the FAC will fill in the rest

b        Should we have a forum in November, 1st week of the semester

i           Discussion related to purpose of forums: consistency versus turnout

ii         Vote to choose whether to hold a forum in November

·         Voted to have forum in November

c         Publicity and Reminders related to FAC forum

i           Dan S. and Carol will fulfill the roll of publicity which will include the following:

·         Get event into the bulletin

·         Reminding FAC members to get flyer out to college

·         Setting up Canvas email reminding faculty of event

d        Discussion: should forums be academic? Informative? Both?

i           General consensus: presenter needs to be informed that although they will be presenting to both students and faculty, their primary purpose is a conversation with academics

ii         Noted that the purpose of these forums is to create a “culture of learning”

e        November 10 Forum

i           Troy and a colleague will present the November 10 forum. The topic will be the presidential election which will have occurred on Tuesday, November 8

f          December 8 and future forums

i           Dan S. will find someone for the December 8 forum

ii         All members of council will come to the next meeting with a name of someone who would be willing to present at FAC forum.


6.       Faculty Scholarship Display in library

a         Joel had a discussion with leaders in the library and they are on board, just unsure where/how to make it happen

b        Justin volunteered to follow-up with those in library to determine location and process

i           Suggestion to have it be on the 2 shelves right as you walk into the library


7.       Housing

a         Housing committee will have an open meeting in December for all to attend

b        Communication continues to be a concern

i           John Bell is working on communication between committee and faculty. He has requested our patience as they work through this process.

c         Report by Dan S.

i           Good discussion with John Bell. One outcome of the meeting is the suggestion that the housing committee should have a director. At this point there is not one.


8.       Organizational Structure Discussion

a         Ideas

i           No deans, large departments

ii         No deans, small departments

iii        Primary authority at the department level

iv       FAC fills a role of greater influence between teachers and administration

b        Discussion

i           Although this is a good discussion to have, there is concern that there will be much organizational change with the implementation of the modular learning. This should play out before any other changes are suggested.

c         After the FAC meeting, Joel emailed the following to the council

i           As requested in our meeting today, below is "our" rationale for the organizational restructure. Thanks. 

·         Subsidiary – Push the decision to the lowest level possible where it can be resolved.

·         A small department becomes a supportive group that can support and develop initiative and creativity. The need for flexibility and creativity is coming from the (under-construction) GE program, an increased student body, and a student body that will be more needy of professors’ time. We should have an administrative structure that facilitates that.  

·         Decentralization is adaptable, creative, and robust. It can be better focus on achieving the institution’s mission, but it is not naturally bureaucratically or economically efficient:

o   Small departments build camaraderie, and are easier places to develop a common vision and objective.

o   People are more likely to “buy-in” to their department and its objectives and this “buy-in” at the local level makes it easier for them to “buy-in” at the institutional level (i.e., patriotism begins in local communities).

o   Chair evaluations are likely to come from someone who knows the field and can evaluate and mentor department members.

·         Centralization can save money but, it often ends up costing more by impairing the institutional mission.

·         Below are two articles related to this from the University of Michigan experience. 




9.       Budget Question

a         The FAC chair asked John Bell if there were budget worries based on cuts that were happening. (see 10. of October 5, 2016 FAC meeting)

i           John Bell’s response was that there were no new budget issues. 

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