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Attending – Joel Helms*, Emilyn, Ed, Elaine, Brian, Marty, Michael, Jeff, John

Excused – Brian

*Attending as a visitor


Proposed Agenda

·         Follow up on names for adding a member

o   Lost a faculty member and added John Bell. Would like a pure faculty member on the committee

o   Received a list for discussion

§  Beth, Kali, Eric

o   Kali Fermantez proposed with no objections. This will be taken to presidents council.

·         Form subgroups for meeting planning

o   Meeting should be soon – Wednesday 9th November@5pm

o   HGB or Ballroom

o   Open – John can help get the information needed

o   What things should be covered

§  Decrease and increased rent and comes up short of replacing shortfall

·         Wrong about the size of the shortfall. It is over 500,000

·         In order to increase the rent to cover would be unreasonable

·         The different rates charged were not well correlated with anything obvious

·         Age and size of home is what was chosen

§  Main flaw with right sizing is the lack of choice. Housing is working on that as we move to the future

§  Church does not like the shortfall but is okay as long as we have a plan.

§  Shortfall includes loans to pay for new homes

§  Cutting costs by getting rid of leased properties

§  Repairs, Other….

§  Housing is a means to be able to make things livable

§  Safe harbor agreement J

§  Subletting February letter and April meeting

·         Form subgroup for survey

o   Elaine, Marty, Brian

o   Make it short and precise


Other – Rebar questions – Windows/etc causing them to rust.


Home replacement on Puuahi street discussed to be rebuilt  2019. Other upcoming items should be added to the meeting.


Joel Question – Rent/Duplex question. Will the equation change. Discuss the possibility of purchasing with limits/etc. BHAG

·         Almost ready as the FAC is a web page that is part of the BYUH committee page.


John item to add – Since we have waited a long time

·         Faculty meeting to talk about housing – Urgency

o   Not 1 to 1 faculty to housing

o   Some non-faculty

o   Not all faculty are in housing


Show and tell of James homes


Lobby city, county and State….. 3 months ….


Solar – Issues with tax breaks and easement to the panels


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