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Curriculum Council

Attendees: Jennifer Lane, Russell Carlson, Mark James, Boyd Timothy, Brian Houghton, Hiagi Wesley, Amelia Mauafu

Prayer – Boyd

16-19: EXS New Classes

Beginning Table Tennis & Intermediate Table Tennis - Request from the students

Vote to approve – 4/4

16-20: History Department Changes

Drop 4 classes from the electives and replace it with 4 new courses. One of the 4 courses was taught as a special topics class and they wanted to make it an official course. They also wanted to change the catalog entry for HIST

Remind department chairs to not do a certain topic in 390R too many times.

Vote to approve – 5/5

16-13 BIOCHEM Changes

CHEM 201 – new course for laboratory safety to introduce new jargon and laboratory procedures.

They are allowing 1 D grade in the major

BIOCHEM and CHEM minors were included because the pre-reqs were affected with the changes mentioned in the proposal.

Vote to approve: 5/5

16-15 BIOL Changes

When Shane Gold came on board he taught BIOL 112 which was the introductory course but there were inconsistencies in teaching and there was redundancy with what was taught in BIOL 112 and BIOL 265. They would like to reorganize it and essentially BIOL 112 becomes BIOL 113 (new course) and BIOL 265 becomes BIOL 112.

MRS is becoming 1 form from 4 so that students know the route they want to take and allowing for some flexibility.

Vote to approve: 5/5

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